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tv   This Week With George Stephanopoulos  ABC  June 10, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning and welcome to "this week." the president takes a pounding. >> the truth of the matter is, the private sector is doing fine. >> is he really that out of touch? to stand up and say the private sector is "doing fine," it's an extraordinary miscalculation. >> the economy is not doing fine. there are too many people out of work. >> obama's gaffe caps his worst week of the campaign. new worries on the economy. a big loss in wisconsin. >> together, we're going to move wisconsin forward. i don't think i should have to say bad things about governor romney personally to disagree with him.
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and these leaks have to stop. >> can obama get his groove back. will romney make the most of his chance? questions for our headliners. the president's top campaign stratejist, david axelrod. romney's runner-up, rick santorum and another powerhouse roundtable. hello again. as you just heard a rough week for the president's re-election campaign. let's get right to his top campaign strategist. david axelrod. let's start with that press conference on friday. the president making that statement saying that the private sector is doing fine. you saw how fast mitt romney pounced. this morning the campaign is out with a new video to drive that point home. take a look. >> we have seen layoffs, cutbacks. >> i'm making $200 a month.
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>> i have been looking for a job for two years. haven't found any. >> i have had to file my own personal bankruptcy. >> no, mr. president, we're not "doing fine." how big of a mistake did the president make and is it going to stick? >> look, george, i think the american people are smarter than that. they understand. the president called the press conference to say, because of the storm clouds that are rolling in from europe and elsewhere, we need to ungirt our economy. so, tax cuts for small business hiring. helping families who are under water by cutting red tape so that they can refinance under today's low interest rates. save on the average $300,000 a family. and put the teachers and firefighters and police who have lost their jobs over the last -- we have 4.3 million private sector jobs created in the last
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27 months. but we lost almost half a half million public sector jobs, most of the jobs losses are teachers and firefighters and police. his argument was, congress should move on this. governor romney chose to jump on the word. but what's most interesting is how he reacted. his statement, we don't need any more teachers, firefighters or police, the president is out of touch. out of touch? we lost 250,000 teachers in the last couple of years. every community in the country is feeling it. it's bad in the short term for our economy. because those are good middle-class jobs. it's bad in the long term for our economy because we're not going to win and our kids unless we invest in education. i suggest that he's living on a aren't going to win, different planet. >> you know the press conference came out at the end of a pretty tough week. as we said, the jobs numbers, the wisconsin
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loss for the democrats in the election, we found out that mitt romney outraised the president last month. the romney campaign really seems to be smelling blood right now. they think you lost your footing. matt dowd said, i would have thought the obama campaign would have provided an argument and provided it for the last five or six weeks and they have done neither. >> let me say, you got an expert panel coming up and they can chew over whether what happened in the first week of june is going to be meaningful in october and going into the first tuesday in november. i expect much of this will be of little consequence. i think the debate that we swrus talked about will be, because romney proposed a program that would give every millionaire a $250,000 additional tax cut but deeply cut education. those kind of debates are going to be important. the rest of it won't be important and, you know, it's the fascination of the political
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community. we are -- you know, we are making a case about how you grow this economy in a way that will build a strong middle class. it's not the way governor romney proposes. his history as a job creator is suspect. senator santorum is on next. he spoke to it during the republican primary campaign. his business wasn't creating jobs. it was creating wealth for his partners, oftentimes at the expense of his workers and that showed when he was governor of massachusetts. 47th in the nation in jobs creation. one of the worst records. even as he was expanding the government, by 30%, public sector jobs grew six times a rate more than private sector jobs. how do we grow this economy in a way that grows middle class that's sustainable and an economy that's built to last? >> you hit on both points. both on the past and future for
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governor romney. bill clinton seemed to be suggesting last week, your campaign should focus on romney's plans for the future. >> that's certainly where the debate is. it's also important, governor romney has offered as only his credential, his business work, his main argument is, i know how to get the economy moving. so, it's important to look at that history. because his future, his view of how we build a better future is very much rooted in the lessons that he's learned in the past. and those are not lessons that are going to translate into progress of the american people. >> i want to talk about another issue that came up on friday, those national security leaks. we have two investigations being ordered by the attorney general and the president said that he was offended by any suggestion that these leaks were for political purposes by his white house aids. michele bachmann responded to that. >> of course the white house leaked it and of course they did it, to make obama look like he was tough on terror.
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i'm offended that he lied to the american people this afternoon. >> i see you smiling in response to michele bachmann. and i take the president's point -- >> as i often do. >> that this wasn't for political purposes. but, if you look at these articles that were in the "new york times," the president's going over this so-called kill list for drones, they quote members of the president's national security team who were in the room, somebody in the room with the president, was giving out this information or discussing information. >> i think the authors, said the white house wasn't the source of this information, i can't say there weren't leaks. there were obviously leaks. but they weren't from the white house. i sat with the president for two years when i was in the white
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house and you know, i don't think there was anything that weighed on him more heavily than these life or death situations. he understands when he commits people to missions their lives are at stake and the safety of americans are at stake. the last thing would contenance, leaks that would jeopardize the security of americans on these secret missions. when he said on friday that he said offended, he was speaking from that place. >> so you're confident that this investigation will not show white house involvement? >> yes. the white house opposed -- and i think you know this george, we have been tougher on leaks than any administration in recent history. we have been criticized for that. it's the right thing to do. because of the very issue that's been raised. we want to make sure that the people that we assign to these very difficult tasks are safe, or as safe as they can be. we want to make sure that these missions are successful. >> okay, david axelrod, thank you very much.
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let's bring in rick santorum right now. you heard david axelrod talking about him. two months, he left his presidential campaign. great to have you back on "this week." i want to get you to respond to that argument, that david axelrod was making, the real debate is going to be the plans each candidate has for the future and mitt romney is just wrong when he said that we should continue laying off teachers, firefighters and police. >> i hope it's a debate about plans for the future. i think governor romney's plan is far superior, his plan about lowering taxes and getting this economy going in the private sector which has been dragging and causing the high rates of unemployment that we have seen and the low growth rate and reducing the regulatory burden. this president has done more than to crush business than anyone else. in the campaign trail, people have said, i lived through bill clinton, i didn't think he was that bad.
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a little bit more regulation, certainly less under bush. but obama is a whole new scale of regulation that we have never seen, that's just crushing the free enterprise system in this country. i'm hopeful that mitt romney's plan out there, lower regulation, reduce taxes, get this private sector ginned up against barack obama's plan to grow the public sector and create more public sector jobs. it's a great contrast. >> talking about governor romney's business background. in some ways the democrats are arguing some of the arguments that you made back in the campaign. take a look. >> you really believe that this country wants to elect a wall street financier as the president of the united states, you think that's the kind of experience we need, someone who's going to take and look after, as he did his fans on wall street and bailed them out at the expense of main street america?
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>> is that still a weakness for mitt romney? >> well, i think he has taken steps to correct it. both president obama and governor romney supported those bailouts. that to me was an issue that we took off the table. the issue that's on the table, is what the plans are going forward. you saw very clearly president's plans for going forward is to amp up the public sector, to provide more support -- teachers are great. we love teachers. if anyone believes that hiring more teachers as we did over many, many years in this country, under president clinton, even under president bush, if that's dramatically improved the quality of education, you got to show me the numbers because it's not. this is a false choice. that pumping more money into an educational system that's already spending an enormous amount of money is going to solve the money, what we need to do is to have education reformed. and mitt romney understands that. >> it would lower unemployment,
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wouldn't? >> actually, it doesn't. there are several studies out there that shows, george, for every thousand increase in public sector increase there's 150,000 decrease in private sector you employment. this money that you're paying private sector employees it's coming out of the private sector. it intends to hurt job creation there and the net effect is less jobs. >> let's talk your plans for the future. you just set up a pac, patriot voices. you want to help get mitt romney elected. you want to help get conservatives get elected across the country. for in the platform? >> i like the platform that we have right now. i'm concerned that ron paul and some of his supporters out there are looking for a platform fight. i want to make sure that we have strong conservatives there. who stood with me in our primary fight to go there and counterbalance the effect of the
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paul folk. >> finally, one other question, i want to get this on the record, has mitt romney asked you for any of your background information for vice president? >> no one has asked me for anything right now. we have focused on we're focused on helping candidates all across this country. by rallying conservatives, getting them excited about this race and the importance of it. that's really all i'm focused on right now. i wish governor romney the best. >> but if he calls you, you do want to be considered, correct? >> if he calls me, i'll answer the phone call. i'm not anxious to get back involved in the fray right now. i've got to take responsibility for the seven kids and karen and i have a lot of work to do. we do want to be act ty and involved in with our supporters,
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involved with the voices who frankly don't feel they're being heard out there. >> well, you look well-rested and chipper coming off that campaign. >> thank you, george. while our roundtable takes their seats, a look at some of the other moments that each candidate would prefer to forget. >> it's not surprising then, that they get bitter and they cling to guns or religion or antipa thy towards people who aren't like them. >> it also means if you don't like what they do, you can fire them. i like firing people. i'm not concerned about the very poor, we have a safety net there. >> this is my last election. after my election, i have more flexibility. >> i understand. i will transmit this information to vladimir. and with that, let's bring in our roundtable. joined this morning by former arkansas governor, mike huckabee, also former governor of pennsylvania, ed rendell.
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ann coulter. and van jones. welcome to all of you. governor huckabee. let me begin with you. david axelrod said, nobody is going to remember this week in november, is he right? >> no. the republicans in the romney campaign will make sure they remember this week. obama's statement was so -- it's just crystal clear, the private sector is just fine. i can see that on a loop in a commercial. the private sector is fine, the private sector is fine. and showing pictures of closed factories and people standing in unemployment lines. if this economy is still this bad in october, you'll hear that statement over and over again. >> unfortunately, we have romney who said stuff like that and much more. romney had four or five statements like that. >> eight or nine. >> eight or nine. if you want to play that game, we can play that game for a very long time.
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this has been a tough week. i'm glad that the alarm bells are ringing in june than in october. people are wide awake now. post-wisconsin, people say these guys are serious, they know how to fight and they know how to raise a lot of money. what you're going to see now is a big wake-up for progressive. >> and ann the romney campaign did show some skill this week. and they raised a lot of money in may? >> yes, they did. and contra the governor, i don't think romney had made a big blooper. the ones you just played -- i like being able to fire people who worked for me. no, you want to be the one holding the credit card for someone providing a service for you. otherwise it's a ripoff. your money gets taken and you have no recourse. as for, you know, van's point about how this will go away and the economy could pick up, no, the economy can't pick up because of what david axelrod
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said in answer to you. he goes back to the public sector workers, did they not just notice what happened in wisconsin? the country is enraged at public sector workers. he said that we need to buck up the public school teachers. >> the entire obama jobs plan, it's a good plan. infrastructure. everyone knows, even the republicans tell me, infrastructure produces 25,000 jobs for every $1 billion of spending. there are american jobs. they're well-paid. we ought to have an infrastructure program. these are republican ideas. they won't do it because they're interested in winning the election. >> why didn't obama do it his first year? >> he's talking about jobs for teachers, firemen and police officers. >> no. axelrod -- the president made infrastructure his number one --
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>> no, he didn't. >> hold on one second. i'll ask the governor about this. what is wrong with jobs for teachers -- >> there's nothing wrong with it. my dad was a fireman. i love fireman jobs. you need enough firemen to put out the fires. you don't arbitrarily hire firefighters, policemen or teachers, unless if you have more kids in school. when 50% of the kids in chicago, where obama's campaign headquarters is located aren't even graduating, we need to improve graduation. >> look, look, first of all, maybe i was raised wrong. i never heard of this threat of american employee. in my neighborhood, we called them teachers, firefighters, cops, nurses, and we were told to look up to them and respect them. for them to be a punching bag,
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my mother and father who were public school teachers, for them to become a punching bag is wrong. furthermore, we need to take a big step back here. when you have the amount of pain that's happening in the country the republican party that has not only been missing in action, they won't pass their own bills to help americans right now. they won't pass their own ideas. why? their gain will come when america will have more pain. like a lifeguard -- >> they're rooting for failure? >> they're rooting for failure. obama is a life guard helping people drown. these people are sitting back on a rock, hoping more people drown. it's morally wrong. >> ask any resident of any city if they have enough police? they're cutting police and they're endangering the safety on the streets. >> 42 kids in a classroom. >> first of all, this is not what the obama administration wants to do, all of this infrastructure, why didn't they
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do it when they had a trillion jobs bill the first year -- we heard about bridging being build. then it goes to the public school teachers and the other public sector jobs. it's not creating a job, it's worse than creating no jobs because the taxpayer is paying for it. they're being paid more than the taxpayers who are paying their salaries. with better benefits. and huge pensions. we want to fire bad teachers and we want them to teach more. this idea -- it's always less work for the public school teachers. >> you think we should less policemen and less firemen? >> it's always firemen first. then we somehow end up with 17 diversity coordinators at the public school. >> is it the federal government's responsibility to provide the firemen, the policemen and the teachers? i thought that was a city and
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state function. >> we'll be hearing that debate -- the president seems to have taken a lot of heat for this focus on bain. mitt romney's background in bain. his allies are assisting that this argument is working. a new ad today -- i want you to take a look at it. >> romney and bain capital shut this place down. they shut down entire livelihoods. this was a booming place and mitt romney and bain capital turned it into a junkyard. just making money and leaving. they don't live in this neighborhood or in this part of the world. >> now governor rendell, you have some differences in the obama campaign over this emphasis, but doesn't that argument work in your state pennsylvania? >> yeah, there's nothing wrong with that commercial. but the first commercial someone called governor romney a vampire, i disagreed strongly with that. that's the type of the rhetoric that we got to get out of politics. if we're going to survive as a country. but, yes, bain capital is fair gram. romney said his experience at
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bain is why he's going to be the reason why he'll be able to create jobs. governor romney has been all over the place. when he ran against ted kennedy, he said 10,000 jobs. when he ran against rick santorum, 100,000 jobs. now his campaign says, george, tens of thousands of jobs. let's take a look at that and let's see. >> you made similar arguments against governor romney four years ago? >> i never attacked his record at bain capital. i never said mitt romney. i was just talking, sometimes, about an opponent. what i would say, here's the thing, in every case, he created jobs. but you know what we forget, it's not the purpose of a business to quote create a job, it's the purpose of a business, to make a profit. >> sure. >> bain made jobs and created wealth for people and they made it possible for people to go to work.
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>> it's the creation of a job for the people who are working at a staples store, or who work at any type of industries that bain capital invested in. you talked about the life preserver, i think barack obama is throwing concrete blocks out to people who are drowning. by creating a business environment where people can't survive. >> will bain aagree to open up all of its records? >> we'll see. >> it's not just i was magnificent at bain and i should be president. it's that romney has had a midas touch with everything. >> massachusetts? >> hold on. you keep interrupting me. first of all, yes, as governor of massachusetts, with 85% democratic legislature, he slashed spending which is what our federal government needs. >> great health care plan. >> let me finish.
8:24 am
then at bain, about 75%, 80% of the businesses that were going bankrupt, he does turn around. he'll go through the budget and cut the spending. there's a lot to be cut. and the olympics. which was also going bankrupt and is an enormous business. the midas touch man comes in and turns around this nearly-bankrupt institution. it's not just bain. it's everything he touches. these ads are unfair, they keep changing. i notice. when you look at what he's actually done and who's talking here, they're always a president of an union. >> we have to take a break. lots more to come for our roundtable, on those national leaks. >> this has to stop. when people say they can't trust us to keep a secret, that's serious. >> it's not just an isolated incident, but it seems to be a pattern that's growing worse and more frequently. >> with investigations launched,
8:25 am
how much should they be worried? days away from the supreme court decision on obama care, do americans trust the court? what will the decision mean for the presidential campaign and millions of americans? and he's back. what is president clinton doing and why? >> bill clinton spoke last night at a fund-raiser for president obama and i was amazed at how quickly clinton's speech was turned into a campaign ad. take a look. >> i don't think it's important to re-elect the president. >> i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. was all about arrests...
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and there's lots more to come from our roundtable, after this from our abc stations. roundtable, after this from our abc stations.
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♪ don't stop thinking about tomorrow ♪ >> there's no question that in terms of getting up and going to the office, a man who's been governor and has had a sterling business career, crosses the qualificati qualifications threshold. i just regret that, you know, my instinct -- you know me. i don't think i should have to say bad things about romney personally to disagree with him politically. i think what we need to do is find some way to avoid the fiscal cliff -- >> does that mean extending the tax cuts? >> they'll have to put everything off. i'm very sorry about what happened yesterday. what i thought that something had to be done on the fiscal cliff before the election. >> he might be barack obama's most formidable, frustrating surrogate.
8:32 am
it's talk about it on our roundtable. mike huckabee, you ran a lot of campaigns. the thought that he didn't understands when those tax cuts will kick in, look, this is the smartest political mind alive today. i have nothing but extraordinary respect for president clinton. >> and you do a pretty mean president clinton imitation? >> i've been known to. the way that he governored, makes people want to get bumper stickers that say, i miss bill. he was a governor, he was an executive. he understood the dynamics of it. i think what's hurting barack obama, he simply doesn't understand the dynamics of being a chief executive. he has never been in that position and it's showing. >> well -- >> go ahead. you get him first. >> the answer is, it's hard to expect the president to reach
8:33 am
out, when in the first year, in the middle of the first year, the republican leader in the senate said our number one priority is to defeat the president, not to pass legislation that's good for america. and the republican party has been, their mantra ever since, they don't want him to succeed. they want to defeat him. >> how about this issue of president clinton, is he good for president obama or not? >> sure he is. he'll be the best persuader in the country. by saying nice things about governor romney now, governor romney is clearly qualified to be president. by saying those things, he's setting up his credibility with those undecided voters. watch for bill clinton in november. >> first of all, the idea that someone doesn't understand how to be president, he's tried on every single issue to reach across and he had his hand slapped on every single issue. his to-do is literally the
8:34 am
republican party's to-do list. he's saying let's give home owners the tools to cut red tape. and get refinancing on their homes. on their own expense. the republicans won't do that. they won't pass their own agenda. because it's barack obama. that's what he's up against. the idea that this guy doesn't know how to presidential. no, the fact is, these lawmakers don't know how to be lawmakers. that's the problem. >> well, first of all, the republicans wanted to defeat barack obama. of course they do. you wanted to do defeat president bush. of course, different governings okay, they're doing it again. i get a half a sentence in and they just start talking. of course, with different philosophies parties want to defeat each other. specific tax cuts, we're always against targeted tax cuts. we want tax cuts across the board. finally, as for -- as for -- just cut taxes. as for clinton, what was
8:35 am
appalling about clinton, was his entire personal life. what was attractive about president clinton, he was a moderate democrat. except for abortion. he signed welfare. he signed tax cuts. he was a very moderate democrat and that was a plan that worked. i think actually he's frustrated with a less left-wing president. >> some republicans believe that this is deliberate on clinton's behalf. undermine the campaign. you don't buy that? >> i think bill clinton can help his candor. he's out of office. he's in a position where he's the senior statesman. and when he's asked a question, he says what he honestly thinks. now and again he gets in trouble with the obama people because he said something that actually was very true and they don't like it because the truth is hurting right now. >> and might not he be right about extending the tax cuts, two, three, four months into next year, or you don't think
8:36 am
so? >> well, the president has leveraged to get what he wants with the tax cuts. if the republicans are serious about tax concerns, then i think there will be a deal that could take care of the debt limit -- eat away at our deficit. we can do simpson/bowles. >> but after the election? >> after the election clearly. let's talk about who may be mitt romney's top surrogate going forward? at the conference this week, they ran a straw poll of the conservative favorites. marco rubio at the top. chris christie. paul ryan. rick santorum down at 5%. governor huckabee, have you been asked by the romney campaign for your background information? >> i have not been asked. greater likelihood that i'll be
8:37 am
asked to go on tour with madonna as her bass player than on the ticket. >> who should he pick? >> i like, anybody he picks i believe is going to be the result of a thoughtful and methodical choice. the thing that i admire about mitt romney, he doesn't act out of some vision role reaction. he'll make a very careful business decision. and whoever he selects, i believe, will be the result of a thoughtful process. >> the thinking out of the romney campaign, being reported is, that they're looking for a boring, do-no-harm candidate, is that the right kind of thinking? >> well, first of all, i have not been asked. and i would not accept if offered. i agree with governor huckabee. it will be a methodical process. i'm always wrong at guessing these things.
8:38 am
but i think the best candidate would be chris christie, because you need someone who will attack. christie will. romney will not. it can be taken out of context, turned around. i think christie is a very smart man and he has a very -- he has a sort of ethnic appeal and it works in the south and throughout the country and he has gone after the single, biggest issue facing the country and the republicans are all over and that's your parents, the teachers, the public sector unions. >> do any of the potential candidates that will be a real addition? marco rubio would really cut into barack obama's advantage? >> no, polls show that's just not the case. i think the do no harm
8:39 am
philosophy is right. no one votes for the vice president. give governor romney credit, he said at the beginning, when he became the nominee, he said, most important to me is, is that person going to be ready to be president of the united states? i think it will be rob portman. >> and van jones, couple of months ago you were on this program, the best pick would be condi rice. it appears is being considered -- >> frankly, the rubio talk now has proven to be overrated. the thing that gets florida away from the republicans for obama is to deal with the underwater home crisis there. 90% of homes are under water there. and once again, the republicans won't help get the refinancing bill through. home owners right now, i think
8:40 am
are the sleeping issue. one-thirds of americans whose homes are under water. you buy a home to gain wealth. i think this president has a good bill to do something about it. if you want to deal with florida, they can get rubio. the president can move florida. just by helping the underwater home owners. another issue this week, the national security leaks, mostly to the "new york times." also dan clayton of newsweek. this internet virus went after the iranian nuclear program. saying that the president was behind that. an article talking about him going through a kill list. that created some great criticism from john mccain this week. >> one could draw the conclusion from reading these articles that it's an attempt to further the president's political ambitions for the sake of his re-election at the expense of our national security. >> the notion that my white house would purposely release
8:41 am
classified national security information is offensive. it's wrong. >> the president did get angry at those charges. as i pointed out with david axelrod the articles do cite people in the room talking about this program, so these investigation could pose some threat to the white house. >> well, they could. there are two issues. one is the fact that the "new york times" said there were three dozen sources in the white house or the administration -- >> the origina leaks didn't come for the white house. they built on it. >> the other fact is, the information itself was classified. you can't argue that. when you have democratic senators who are equally alarmed by it, i think that's equally significant. but the fact that people under the president, thought they were doing a favor to show that he's
8:42 am
tough, yes, i believe that it happened during an election year and probably did. >> well, obviously, this is very early. we don't know what in fact is going on and what has gone. first of all, this has become a grab bag of hypocrisy. first of all, i don't remember the republicans complaining about after the leaks in the bush administration scaring people. i'm surprised that we're talking more about the fact that there were leaks than the facts of the leaks themselves. if these stories are correct and i hope that they're not, there's an assertion here that the president of the united states that he has the authority to kill people in 120 countries. we should be concerned about that. >> you don't think he has the authority? >> i think that the underlying question here around what is best for our national security, is a broader question than who leaks what to whom?
8:43 am
my big concern at this point is, we're about to go through another silly season, now, the arguments, should we have a special prosecutor, the most important question for me, if in fact, we're moving into a direction where the president of the united states, without oversight, has a kill list, that's concerning. and i think we should have that conversation. not have the conversation about the sort of -- >> what do you mean without oversight? here is due process throughout the administration. this is only when they have probable cause. that someone is about to commit a terrorist act. >> there is a question that has to be asked and answered here. this is not my area of expertise. is this the right way for us doing our national security? is this the best way? does it meet the constitutional standards? those kind of questions, i think, need to be a part of that discussion. we're going to skate past that and it's going to become this political gotcha. to figure out, well, is this being engineered by the president?
8:44 am
not the president? deeper issues here. >> i agree with mike and i slightly disagree with van. mike is right. this is clearly an issue that we should get to the bottom of. this is serious and it should be bipartisan. two, i guarantee that president obama didn't have anything to do with it. i disagree with van to the extent that, we're at war with al qaeda, there's no about it, and if we can kill the people who are trying to kill us, that is a tough, but appropriate use of presidential power. >> um, first of all, i don't think it's so clear that obama has nothing to do with this. all of these articles are absolute love letters to him. i might add, both our intelligence and military were very upset after osama bin laden was killed, that obama came out and that it was s.e.a.l. team six. two tweex later, s.e.a.l. team
8:45 am
six. he said it in his own words. in the speech, bragging about the killing of osama bin laden. and that was good for -- that was not good for intelligence. it wasn't not good for s.e.a.l. team six. and as for your point, they're not actually -- to van's point, they're not just limiting it to someone who's about to attack. they're known terrorists and there are civilians being killed. i don't disagree with you that we're at war with al qaeda and they ought to be killed. where were you people when bush was just detaining him? oh, no, you're all hysterical about that. obama is ordering them dead. well, we're at war. >> i'm a progressive democrat. i take human rights seriously. i take the constitution seriously. i agree with you -- i agree with you that we need to have a consistent standard about human rights in this country. that's all i'm saying. we're at war with al qaeda.
8:46 am
but we also have a constitution. we need to have a balancing act here. and i will say this, for ordinary people who are sitting at home trying to figure out what's going on here, i think it's inappropriate for people to accuse the president of having engineered, this is not the president who's going to engineer this stuff himself. >> he's signing off on the kill list. and you're being consistent -- these two who are saying. >> saying that there's no evidence. there's no evidence. >> okay, you're back to the leak. i'm back to crime. you are being consistent. why weren't you rushing out denouncing democrats who were attacking guantanamo? >> i had the same concern with guantanamo. i'm going to be consistent about that kind of stuff. here's the other thing that i'm
8:47 am
consistent about, we now have entered this weird situation in american politics, where you have to agree with everything your guy does or you're in trouble. >> you feel that from the obama campaign? >> no, i don't feel that from the obama campaign. >> both parties. >> we have never been like that. >> the worst thing that you can do in democracy, everybody has to agree with everything you -- your guy has said or thought. or you're off the campaign trial. >> withdraw a supreme court nominee. my last topic, one more topic, before we run out of time, and that is the supreme court is about come down on a decision on the president's health care plan, in the next couple of weeks before they go home, i want to show an interesting poll that showed came out of the "new york times," the views of the court, interesting, only 44% approve of the supreme court. that's a significant drop in recent years. 60% oppose life tenure and 76%
8:48 am
believe that personal opinions of the justices influences their decisions. >> governor huckabee, this is interesting. as they're about this big decision, they're at a low ebb in public opinion. >> but the american people are a high ebb of their disapproval of obama care. that's almost 70% margin of people -- >> they want to see the mandate struck down. >> yes. if the supreme court wants to improve their standing, they'll overturn obama care, first, on the basis of the law and the constitution, which is the primary reason they ought to do it and in fact, they realize it's just bad policy. >> this is bigger than obama care. the votes to do brown versus board of education. he knew that was going be a jarring landmark decision.
8:49 am
he worked hard to get a 9-0 vote. if we keep getting 5-4 votes on political questions, the court's standing with american people is going to continue to erode. >> well, i think it's not just 5-4, it's whether the opinion is based on something that's written in the constitution, that's really what the problem is. >> gore v bush. >> yeah, all nine justices agreed in the end. on the basis of the later mediate count. bush for president. you ended up nine some of them weren't reading the constitution. no, no, no. wait a second. hang on. the constitution of the united states, which i'm suggesting that the supreme court justices read, specifically gives to the state legislature the right to choose the next president. they don't even have to have an election in the state. according to our constitution.
8:50 am
if you read the constitution there's only one answer. >> let's not relive the year 2000. we got the year 2012 right here. >> politicians should read it, too. >> it's absolutely settled that the government can have people be forced to pay for universal health care. it's called medicare. listen, the thing is, is it a tax or a mandate? we have the authority to do this. but, now, here's the problem that i have, i said this the last time i was on the show, this is the conservative answer, this is the market -- this is the individual mandate is the market-based answer that the heritage foundation came up. liberals and progressive like myself said, let's do single payer, no, obama trying to be bipartisan, we're going to be the heritage foundation proposal. >> it's that the public opinion
8:51 am
has completely turned against it. >> their ideas because obama endorses them are now socialism. >> van -- van -- >> you talked about the heritage foundation. you forgot, the republican campaign for president was in favor of a mandate. he thought that the mandate -- >> there's nothing unconstitutional about that. you think that the constitution doesn't matter. it does matter. >> i'm afraid. i'm going to stop this all. we're out of time. we are out of time. your voice, this week, is coming right up. but first -- ♪ if i could turn back time a trip into our video vault. three moments from this week's history. what year was it? >> we know something about what happened in central park. >> an attack on a central park jogger drew headlines around the world.
8:52 am
and prompted a soul-searching debate on our roundtable. lee atwater told david brinkley that he was thrilled that george bush wouldn't dump dan quayle. and check out dick cheney stopped dead in his tracks by sam donaldson? >> did he know what were you going to do about budget cuts? >> yes. sam, as far as i'm concerned the president and i were very much in accord. >> was it 1989, 1990 or 1991? we'll be right back with the answer. 1989, 199 # or 1991? we'll be right back with the answer. in here, opportunities are created and protected. gonna need more wool! demand is instantly recognized and securely acted on across the company. around the world. turning a new trend, into a global phenomenon.
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so, what year was it? sam donaldson went toe to toe with dick cheney, president stood by dan quayle, and the central park jogger, it all took place 23 years ago, 1989. today's question comes from jeff montgomery, does history show that if the party that wins the white house will win or retain the house? the short answer is no. in modern times, winning the white house rarely guarantees winning or holding the house. or even if the president's party will pick up seats in the house. one big exception is eisenhower. who swept in a republican house in 1952, only to lose it two years later. and george bush held onto a republican congress in both 2000 and 2004.
8:57 am
when the president wins a second term, their party picks up seats. that's all for us today. check out "world news" with david muir tonight. and thanks for sharing part of your sunday with us. i'll see you tomorrow on "good morning america." i'll see you tomorrow on "good morning america." ate cancer... i needed a coach. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions i felt lost. unitedhealthcare offered us a specially trained rn who helped us weigh and understand all our options. for me cancer was as scary as a fastball is to some of these kids. but my coach had hit that pitch before. turning data into useful answers. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. my sknowing what to make and not when could help cut down on thousands of unsold baked goods per month. using analytics, we discovered when it's drizzling outside... people eat more cake.
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in the news this sunday a mobile home fire in the north bay spreads to surrounding vegetation. alarming firefighters worried about dry and windy conditions. federal air safety officials investigate an emergency go landing of a small plane on a golf course in concord. >> there is a red flag warning in the higher elevations of the north bay mountains and east bay hills. i'll have the forecast at "abc 7


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